Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Postcrossing 2!

I don't have much time to finish the post I am currently working on so I thought I would do this one real quick. I received a new postcard on Saturday and thought I would share it.

From: Gabriele
Kaisiadorys, Lithuania
Distance: 5,217 mi (8,396 km)
Received: November 14, 2009
Travel Time: 12 days

I like this postcard a lot and this was a pleasant surprise in the mailbox upon our return from Seattle. I think it is an interesting design. I was still just as excited to receive this one as I was for the first one. I received another one yesterday but will save that for a few more days. I should have 3 more in the mail to me. I think this new hobby of mine is rather addicting but it is so nice to get something in the mail other than bills!


  1. it IS addicting. I told myself once I hit 100 received (I'm very close) That I'd limit mysef to 10 :-) If you think almost a buck each card - it starts to add up. So I picked ten, and hope I can stick to it haha!

    i love your card. It is different!!

  2. It becomes even more addicting once they start coming on a more regular basis. Crazy! I figure I average about 10 a month or so... at least I try and space it that way!