Monday, November 30, 2009

Celebrate 1000!

I already wrote about finding my 1000th geocache but the next day (11/15/09) we had a Geocache event to celebrate (GC20C75).  What better way to celebrate than with the friends you have made through geocaching and a few friends you introduced to geocaching?

We gathered at a local pizza parlor for great pizza and of course great conversation.  We got to see some people we hadn't seen since the last caching event in our area and also meet some new people.  Here are a few pictures of the people who were there.

We also had some delicious cake (carrot cake!) we ordered from a local bakery.  Well worth the extra cost to go through a bakery.

We also had a drawing with some prizes donated by cachers and ourselves.  Quite a few people left with a prize.  I wish we had more to give out!

Like most events we had a table dedicated to the TB's.  There were several for trade and a few coins for people to discover.  Yes, those busts are TB's.  Their goal is to travel from event to event.

This is Craig and I with the portion of the cake that came off.  It is shaped like the Wheel of Fortune wheel and each space has a milestone # and the corresponding GC code for our milestone caches. Good thing we didn't DNF the cache we planned on finding for our 1000th!

Not only did we celebrate our 1000th find but we surprised one of our favorite cachers in the area (CascadesClimber) with a birthday cake.  He told his wife not to tell anyone it was his birthday because it was our celebration but we had to get him a cake of his own.  We sang him "Happy Birthday" and made him blow out his candles.  He isn't 28 at all....not sure how old he is but we do know he has grandchildren.

Overall, it was an excellent time had by all.  We are looking forward to the next event which is this weekend!  I will post about that one next week.

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  1. One thousand... When I hit my 100th this summer I thought that was something else... I can not imagine 1000!


    I am always a little worried about attending an "event"... I live with a touch-of-the social anxiety... I have never met another cacher in the field... So I get a little "nervous" about something like that - but I do think it could be fun!