Monday, May 4, 2009

Why I love Clark College.

I feel like I have been a student forever.  Sometimes I feel as if I will never graduate college.  Sometime school is a lot more bearable when you actually like the school you are attending.  You may not like the schoolwork.  You may not like the fact that there is never a parking spot.  But hopefully you can find something about school that helps you through the days stuck in the classroom.  For me I like the teachers at Clark.  They are very helpful and knowledgable.  But the main reason I love Clark College is the campus.  It is relaxing and beautiful.  It is a smoke-free atmosphere so I don't have to worry about breathing in nasty ciggerette smoke.  I want to post a few pictures to demonstrate why I love the campus.

This is near Gaiser Hall.  A large group of tulips.

Flowerbed outside Foster/Hanna Hall.

Pretty tree.

This is outside the greenhouse near my science labs.

More pretty flowers.

Even more pretty flowers.

This is the campus.  How serene right?