Sunday, August 8, 2010

Heidi's Birthday

This last month an a half I have been a busy lady.  I have been working on a major craft project as a present to a friend.  I can not do a post about that until they receive it.  Also, one of my very best friends had her birthday party on Saturday.  So of course, I decided to make a special present for her.  I decided to go with an apron.

It took me about a week, maybe two, to finish it.  Once I finished I had about 2 days until her party so I decided to go ahead and make a potholder to go with the apron.  There was plenty of left over fabric.  Here are a few pictures...

 Me trying on the final product.
Back of pot holder. 
 Front of pot holder.
How it works...
Helping Heidi try on her new apron.

I am happy to say that Heidi loved the apron!  It feels so good to make something for someone else and know that they really like it.  Now I just need to start working on Christmas presents!