Monday, April 19, 2010

April 12 of 12.

I didn't have much to take pictures of so here is what I have...
 Had to give Luke his morning meds.
 On break from class.
 Finished another craft
 Close up of Luke.
 Luke took over my water.
 Home from dinner.
 My hubby.
 Reading my book. (self-timer)
 Working on my scrub top.
 Working on logging a lot of caches from a few days prior.
 Folding laundry.
Jar of shells.

Not a lot of great pictures but this is documenting my daily life and things around me.

Last Photo Sunday

Out caching and we had to cross this creek to make it to the cache spot  This is on our way out.  Fun times.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Luke's health condition...

I thought since I posted the picture of Luke last week without an explanation of his sickness I will let you all in on the info.

Luke was feeling down for a few days.  Not eating, barely going to the bathroom, and very lethargic.  Just laying on the floor and not moving much.  On Sunday night his breathing was very labored.  Monday morning I called the vet and was able to get him in that afternoon.  Craig went ahead and took him since I had to be at work.

The news was not good.  Luke has cardiomyopathy.  We are giving him 2 different medications to treat his symptoms and he seems to be doing a little bit better but we are unable to treat the heart condition.  The vet gave a prognosis of 2 months while on medication.  If we hadn't taken him to the vet he most likely would have died very soon.  Craig and I are going to keep him on medication as long as he seems to be comfortable and not in any pain.  If it gets to the point that he is in pain or sick even while on the medication we will have him put to sleep.

I am going to miss him a lot.  Many people think he is mean but he is my kitty.  I love him.  I was not surprised by the diagnosis but I must say it still sucks.  So that is my Lukas update.

Last Photo Sunday

This is a good friend of mine, Amber.  This picture was taken at her birthday party Saturday night.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last Photo Sunday.

This is my poor kitty, Luke.  He is sick in this picture.  Well, he is still sick but at least now we know what is wrong with him.  He is so handsome don't you think?