Monday, April 19, 2010

April 12 of 12.

I didn't have much to take pictures of so here is what I have...
 Had to give Luke his morning meds.
 On break from class.
 Finished another craft
 Close up of Luke.
 Luke took over my water.
 Home from dinner.
 My hubby.
 Reading my book. (self-timer)
 Working on my scrub top.
 Working on logging a lot of caches from a few days prior.
 Folding laundry.
Jar of shells.

Not a lot of great pictures but this is documenting my daily life and things around me.


  1. Using regular sized labels and putting them on smaller tomato paste cans for my nieces "kitchen".

  2. Love the picture of Luke with his head in your water glass!
    How is he going? Are the meds helping?

  3. What's nice about the 12 of 12 is getting a glimpse into the everyday life of somebody. :)