Thursday, May 27, 2010

My recent crafts....

Making a pillow.
Floor pillow.
Floor pillow back.
Apron front.
 Apron back.

 Drawstring TB bag.
 Padded drawstring bag version 2.0
 Padded drawstring bag version 3.0 and a larger padded drawstring bag.
 1/2 Apron.
Apron in use.  Mmmmm, cookies!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Photo Sunday

I spent Friday morning at my mom's house working on this apron.  I finished it Friday night.  I love it!

May 12 of 12.

I need to send these out today!
Off to clinicals.
Craig and the new kitty, Leo.
How are the blind supposed to see this sign before they get in line?
Grocery shopping.
I got a postcard today!
Learning how to make drawstring bags.
Almost time to go to sleep....
I forgot about this assignment due tomorrow.  Oops!
My semi-clean craft area.
Some of my newest fabric.
Another drawstring bag I made the other day to hold my TB's in my caching bag.

Another boring day full of school and chores.  I think next month's 12 of 12 will be much more exciting cause I have a road trip and concert that day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Photo Sunday

Last shot at a cemetery cache find.  Really awesome cemetery! (Picture taken by the Mr.)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Frisbee'r Roast.....Part One

I want to start this blog out by saying one of the things I like the best about geocaching is that you make some wonderful friends that you might never have befriended otherwise.  Craig and I have quite a few friends that we have made this way.  This post is about one of those people, Frisbee'r.

Frisbee'r is an amazing cacher.  I have never had the privilege of actually caching with him before.  I hope to have that chance someday.  Frisbee'r is one of only 3 cachers in the state of WA to have reached 10,000 cache find!  Amazing right?  So of course his very good friend and one of our friends, HoppingCrow put together an event to celebrate this momentous occasion.  So of course we went and set up a caching trip with a few other cachers in the our local area.  The event was up in the Olympia area so we planned on getting some caches in the area.  I spent an entire morning prior to the tip solving some easier puzzle caches.  Might as well get some of those knocked out.

We met up with GeoMimi55, CascadesClimber, Photoburpee and family, and The-Guide and we caravaned out to our first stop.  We attempted a couple of FTF hunts in a town north of us but we didn't get them.  They were already found by some local cachers.
The Kings Cache
Phoney Heights
Another quick cache....River(side) heights.
And another....Bottom of the bottle

We stopped at another cache, Tupps#6 Little Big Tree.  This cache was a little bit longer of a walk but we had fun.  Here are a few pictures.
 The walk to the cache.
 Some bird nests.  Really cool.
Don't want to meet these muggles!

Back on the road for some caches. Watch out for the Peacocks!
At the next cache we were able to get out and stretch our legs a bit again. (much appreciated) Trail Marker
 Photoburpee and daughter.

After this cache we started our hunt for some puzzle caches.  I solved all the caches in a puzzle series in the Olympia area so we decided to go to these before The-Guide had to leave for a meeting.
Craig and The-Guide getting all the coords in the car GPS.

All of at the final cache of the series.

Here are the caches of the series (In the order we found them):
(Leg 2 is no longer there so we were given the info.)  This was a really fun series.  The-Guide left after this find and the rest of us went to the event.

I am going to post this in two parts since it is so long.... More soon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10! Years

Being the geonerd that I am.......I had to make sure that Craig and I went to an official 10 years event!  Geocaching began 10 years ago outside of Portland, OR. (Go Pacific Northwest!).  Living about an hour north of here it seemed the most logical place to go for a 10 year event.  So that is what we did.  We headed to Redland, OR for the local event, 10 Years! Redland, Oregon (GC23VJF).

The hosts of the event placed 10 caches in the area surrounding the cache site.  If you found all 10 cache you got a special raffle ticket at the event.  So of course I had to find all 10 of them.  We drove down to Redland early so we could make the finds.
A group find on one of the 10x10 caches.
Yet another photo of thee group.
What a pretty view.
What a peaceful spot.
Another shot of this spot.
Looking into the culvert.
After finishing the 10x10 series we found a couple more caches.  Had to stop in a cemetery right?
Why is there an umbrella over the grave site?
The spread at the event.
Will we win anything? (I won 2 things!)
Setting up the group photo.
Photoburpee and family.
A TB I picked up.

When we got down to Redland we ran into a couple of local cachers, Photoburpee and his family.  We enjoyed hanging out with them from cache to cache.  It was also nice to get to know each other a little better. We had a lot of fun!


Today while I was posting my last post I realized I never wrote about what happened to Luke.  On April 21st Craig and I took him to the vet to be put to sleep.  We were very sad to do so but we felt that it was time.  He had lost so much weight and was no longer eating.  It felt cruel to try to keep him alive any longer.  Craig and I went in together and the staff was very caring.  They let me hold him.  I thought that would put him more at ease than being on a hard metal exam table.  I cried of course.

So here are some photos of my kitty, Luke. (They are of order but you get the point.)
Craig and Luke right before his deployment.
Luke playing.
Luke cleaning Leia.  He actually began to like her.
A day at our house
Sleepy Luke
Just Luke.
Getting ready to fly to WA.
What is this white stuff?  There was never snow in GA.
Hunting the bird outside.
Aww, how cute.
Luke, with a TB.
Luke with his kill.
Luke wants to help with Craig's calculus homework.
In the front yard. (About a week prior to death)
 A few hours before the final trip to the vet.
At the vet.

I had some technical difficulties finding some of my pictures so here are a few more:
 Luke loved to lay on my back.
 This was the beginning of Luke's hatred for dogs.
 Wow, he looks really fat here.  Well, he used to be really fat!
Luke and Jazmyn. (Before he didn't much like other animals)