Sunday, May 16, 2010

Frisbee'r Roast.....Part One

I want to start this blog out by saying one of the things I like the best about geocaching is that you make some wonderful friends that you might never have befriended otherwise.  Craig and I have quite a few friends that we have made this way.  This post is about one of those people, Frisbee'r.

Frisbee'r is an amazing cacher.  I have never had the privilege of actually caching with him before.  I hope to have that chance someday.  Frisbee'r is one of only 3 cachers in the state of WA to have reached 10,000 cache find!  Amazing right?  So of course his very good friend and one of our friends, HoppingCrow put together an event to celebrate this momentous occasion.  So of course we went and set up a caching trip with a few other cachers in the our local area.  The event was up in the Olympia area so we planned on getting some caches in the area.  I spent an entire morning prior to the tip solving some easier puzzle caches.  Might as well get some of those knocked out.

We met up with GeoMimi55, CascadesClimber, Photoburpee and family, and The-Guide and we caravaned out to our first stop.  We attempted a couple of FTF hunts in a town north of us but we didn't get them.  They were already found by some local cachers.
The Kings Cache
Phoney Heights
Another quick cache....River(side) heights.
And another....Bottom of the bottle

We stopped at another cache, Tupps#6 Little Big Tree.  This cache was a little bit longer of a walk but we had fun.  Here are a few pictures.
 The walk to the cache.
 Some bird nests.  Really cool.
Don't want to meet these muggles!

Back on the road for some caches. Watch out for the Peacocks!
At the next cache we were able to get out and stretch our legs a bit again. (much appreciated) Trail Marker
 Photoburpee and daughter.

After this cache we started our hunt for some puzzle caches.  I solved all the caches in a puzzle series in the Olympia area so we decided to go to these before The-Guide had to leave for a meeting.
Craig and The-Guide getting all the coords in the car GPS.

All of at the final cache of the series.

Here are the caches of the series (In the order we found them):
(Leg 2 is no longer there so we were given the info.)  This was a really fun series.  The-Guide left after this find and the rest of us went to the event.

I am going to post this in two parts since it is so long.... More soon.

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