Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So I found a new hobby. Who knows if I stick with it or not but it seems really fun so I am going to tell all of you about it. It is called postcrossing. ( The general idea is that everyone loves to get mail so why not send some to someone. You request an address from the website and you mail that person a postcard. You can mail 5 at a time. Once someone receives the postcard they log it in (using a code you write on the card) as received. Once that happens your name is given to someone and you get a postcard from someone in the world. I have 5 ready to take to the post office today. I will post pictures and info from the postcards that I receive. I can't wait.

I am having problems uploading the pictures on my sent postcards so I will give you an update once I get that situation taken care of.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

School Again!

School started again a few weeks ago. Yuck! I am in Anatomy & Physiology 3. It is my last quarter before I am back in the nursing program working on my RN degree!!! My first tests are next week so I will try to post how I do. I know that I am not good at posting anything while in school but I will try better. I promise.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Geocaching Challenges

When it comes to geocaching I am all about a challenge. I get bored doing the same type of micro caches all the time. I also love having a list of things to do so I can cross things off and feel like I accomplished something. I don't always get everything done but I like doing it anyways. That is part of the reason I read books on book lists. Okay sorry getting off-topic.

Luckily, other geocachers put out Challenge caches. The main idea is to complete a theme or a pre-req before you can find the actual cache container. So it is not as easy as just going out there and making a find.

Just to give everyone an idea of what types of challenges are out there I thought I would share some of the challenges Craig and I have completed and some of the ones we are currently working on.

The first challenge we finished was called the Georgia Delorme Challenge. A Delorme is a type of atlas that breaks the state into a grid. Each grid square corresponds to a page in the atlas. To complete the cache you must find a cache on every single page of the atlas. Thus, we traveled throughout all of Georgia finding caches. Once we found a cache on every page the cache owner gave us the coordinates to find the final geocache. That was an amazing adventure for us. We saw so much of Georgia that we never would have.

The only other challenge cache we have completed is called "The Alphabet Soup Cache of Washington". To complete this cache we had to find a geocache who's title begins with every letter of the alphabet. So we found a total of 26 caches to qualify to find the final cache. That was an interesting challenge since we would pick and choose caches as we went based on which letters we needed to find.

Here are some challenge caches that we have finished the requirements for but have not gone and found the final cache:
  • Cache by Numbers: Find caches with the numbers 0-9 in the title (3 of which must be spelled out)
  • Fool's Errand- A Washington Challenge Cache: Find 150 caches in one month (plus, a special requirement based on what month you begin the challenge. Our special requirement was to find a cache in another state.)
  • The Critter Cache: Find 25 caches with names of animals in the title (without repeating).
  • The C5 Challenge: Cache for 65 days straight (We are currently at 72 days).
Here are some Challenges that we are currently working on (slowly):
  • Washington State County Challenge: Find a cache (small size or larger) in every county in the state.
  • Washington Delorme Challenge: same as described above but with the Washington Delorme Atlas instead.
  • A Baker's Dozen Challenge Cache: On a given day find a certain # of caches 1-13. No more no less. To make it harder though at least one of the caches must be a mystery/unknown or multi cache. (We only have #12 sometime when we have a chance we need to go out and find 12 caches in the day and have one be a multi or unknown.)
  • Challenge of the Century: Find 100 Multicaches
  • Challenge of the Century: Move (not discover) 100 travel bugs or geocoins
  • ABC Challenge: Same as the Alphabet soup challenge but this challenge is for Oregon and all the caches must be found in Oregon.
  • Color Challenge: Find 7 caches in Oregon with a color in the title. (2 of 7 completed)
  • Counting Counties in Oregon: Get a cache in every county of Oregon (haven't started working on this one yet).
  • Oregon Delorme Challenge: Same as above but in Oregon. (Haven't started this one yet either)
  • Oregon's "Well Rounded Cacher" aka Oregon's Fizzy: Find every single difficulty/ terrain combinations (81 possible) and you must include one of every cache type.
  • Oregon's Century Plus One Challenge: Cache for 101 days straight.
  • The Oregon History Challenge: Find all the caches placed in the first year of geocaching (still active) in the state of Oregon.
  • Washington History Challenge: Find all the caches placed in WA during the first year of geocaching (still active).
  • Well Rounded Washington Challenge (Fizzy Challenge): Find all D/T ratings (81) including all cache types but must be in the state of WA and placed before 11/30/08.
  • Washington's Double Century Challenge: Cache for 200 days straight (not sure if I am going to try for this one or not).
Many of these caches we are slowly working on. We usually just go geocaching and if we happen to find one that helps us complete the challenge then it makes it even better. The only one that we are truly working on is the 101 straight days of caching. I am the one that wanted to try and get this cache so it is mainly up to me to cache every day but Craig has helped out on a few occasions when I didn't have time. Since we are a team. I enjoy the work that we put into finding these challenges and completing them. It makes the final find that much sweeter. Craig and I felt a huge sense of accomplishment when we signed the log for the Georgia Delorme Challenge. Not many people can say they have done the same.

Maybe someday I will get burnt out on doing Challenge caches but I have a feeling I won't. Especially since we do them so slowly. I will try to keep you updated on whether we finish any of these.