Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So I found a new hobby. Who knows if I stick with it or not but it seems really fun so I am going to tell all of you about it. It is called postcrossing. ( The general idea is that everyone loves to get mail so why not send some to someone. You request an address from the website and you mail that person a postcard. You can mail 5 at a time. Once someone receives the postcard they log it in (using a code you write on the card) as received. Once that happens your name is given to someone and you get a postcard from someone in the world. I have 5 ready to take to the post office today. I will post pictures and info from the postcards that I receive. I can't wait.

I am having problems uploading the pictures on my sent postcards so I will give you an update once I get that situation taken care of.

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