Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My First Night Cache

I have gone caching at night many times. It isn't that hard at this time of year since it is dark at 5 pm. Geocaching at night presents some problems and also some excitement. If you are like me then the likelihood of you dying or getting injured very bad goes up A LOT! I am very clumsy and trip over things easily. Which as you can imagine can be a pain in the butt at night.

If you are in the city caching at night you may get the cops called on you when you are looking around places with a flashlight.

Tonight, I went with Blue Crane and Kyle98632 (my best caching buddies!) to a real night cache (GC1Y1YW). It was the first one that I have found! What I mean by this is that the cache itself is designed to be found at night. The three of us got to the starting point since it is a mystery cache and we don't have the coordinates to the final cache location. We use our flashlights and search around for tacks on the trees to glow when the lights shine on them. They are a reflective material.

So we walked down the trail going from lit up tree to lit up tree. After a little bit we have to go off the trail into the woods. We were able to find the cache easily at the end because there is a large number of tacks on the tree the cache was hidden near. I really enjoyed this cache experience. I wish I had done one while I was living in Georgia.

Now to the exciting part! We were walking back to the car along the main trail when we hear a rustle in the woods. We shine our flashlights in the direction of the noise but we don't see anything. We proceeded to walk a little bit faster and we heard some more rustling in the woods so Kyle98632 (who is afraid of Sasquatch and other made up creatures!) started yelling and making noise so we didn't get attacked by this random animal. I got more freaked out because I kept hearing noises so we started running to the car. Once back to the car I had to get into the trunk and Kyle98632 kept an eye out for me. We all got in the car, caught our breath, and let our heartbeats slow down a little before we left.

Before we left Blue Crane started laughing and tells us that he was actually throwing things into the woods to scare us! All that fear for nothing! It was funny though. I still owe him one though. Blue Crane you better be scared!

Kyle98632, Mrs. Wheeler(me) of Wheelers of Fortune, and Blue Crane.
Blue Crane with the cache.


  1. The tack path seems neat. I've done a cache at night - but have never done a night cache I'm scared of animals! Sounds like you had a good time, even though you got spooked ;)

  2. It was my first night cache and it was a lot of fun. I recommend them. I am not scared of animals during the day but at night if I can't see what is going to attack me then it is way scary. Every single noise can scare me.

  3. I love night caches. I did like six of them at a mega event last spring. Good times. Especially when you meet other cachers on the trail!

    Not sure which profile to choose on the "comment as" because I don't have those. Hope this posts.