Wednesday, April 8, 2009

work, work, work.

Work was absolutely crazy tonight.  No funny stories to tell though.  I got to work today and I had about 9 or so people on alert (i.e. changes in their condition or care so we monitor them every shift).  This means a lot of extra work for me and a lot of charting on the end of the night.  I had one resident in the hospital so when they returned I got some new orders (more work).  I had several phone calls throughout the night from resident's family members (interuptions of my work and I have to chart each time I talk to a family member).  I also have a resident who is dying.  This is my first time dealing with a resident that I know pretty well and have taken care of for awhile pass away.  I seem to be doing okay for now but who knows how I will be when his time actually comes.  I feel bad for his family members.  I was able to talk with his family member that takes care of him and I feel better about his passing away soon.  I just hope it doesn't happen when I am on shift.  That would be really hard.  So I got way, way, behind and didn't even finish my med pass until 8 pm!  I should be done by 6:30 or 7 at the very latest.  So then I had a ton of paperwork to do.  I had to call the hospital to get orders for the resident who was there earlier because the doctor didn't send any instructions with her new meds.  How stupid is that?  How am I supposed to know how he wants us to give it?  Sometimes doctors amaze me.  So I finally got out of there at about 10:30 (supposed to be of at 8 pm)  So not much reading happening tonight before sleepytime.  I need to get up early and go grocery shopping and read before I go to school.  Yeah for commuting. Not.

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