Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Work Story.


Okay now that I got that out I thought I would share a story of something that happened to me today at work.  I switched shifts with a girl at work so I worked the day shift.  It was my first time alone and on the side that I never work on.  What could go wrong right?

Well, I was doing my med pass when and Aide told me the Shower Aide needed me in the bathroom.  I figured that the resident had a bruise or cut that I needed to be notified of.  I'm not lucky enough for that.  The resident was actually impacted.  Well, not quite but I won't give you the details of all that.  Her crap was literally so big she couldn't get it out.  So as a nurse sometimes you have to glove up and just help a girl out.

So I put gloves on and start doing my job.  Everything is coming along okay when all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off.  I have to stop what I am doing and go back out to the dayroom to make sure all the residents are there and accounted for.  I also have never been involved in a fire drill at work so I am hoping I am doing a good job.  Once the fire drill is over I am headed back to the bathroom.  I continue what I was doing prior to the drill.  When I think about it, it is kind of amazing that in a span of less than a minute I am manually taking poop out of someones butt and then I am in charge of making sure everyone is doing their job, residents are safe and accounted for.  I am the person in charge.  What a change of roles in such a short period of time.  In case you are wondering my resident was much better after my help.


  1. You amaze me. Unless it was my own child - not in a million years.

  2. It was pretty gross. Things like that have never bothered me. I don't like puke too much but I can handle and I really hate feet but i will touch them if I have too. With gloves of course.