Friday, April 10, 2009

My Garden.

I am trying to start a flower garden this year.  This is the first time trying to plant and maintain a garden on my own.  As a child my mom had a garden and we would help her.  We were even allowed to plant whatever we wanted in our own section.  I am still in preparation mode right now.  I am currently trying to weed the flowerbed.  It is pretty overgrown.  The upside is that the previous tenant planted bulbs at some point so we have tulips that are coming up and we had a daffodil.
This is one of our tulips coming up.  I wonder what color it will be.  Surrounding is the weeds that I am working on getting rid of.

Another tulip by one of our trees with a cute little pink plant.

Closeup of the cute little pink flower.

Blue flower...same as the pink but blue.

Another little flower plant.

I have some bulbs to plant and some seeds.  I need to finish weeding first...uggh.  I will post more pictures once we have more flowers come up.


  1. Great looking flowers.I wish I can have green thumb my mom...and you!

  2. The pink ones and the top blue one are hyacinths. They have a great smell! *whispers* my mom is into gardening too and I was a helper growing up

  3. Hi Katy! We're attempting a veggie garden this year - and I'm glad I'm not the only first timer!

  4. If I am successful with a flower garden I may try a veggie garden next year. We will see.