Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 12 of 12.

Spent the morning with my mom crafting.
My completed Christmas napkins.
Had to go the hospital for my final clinical evaluation.
I need to update my Postsecret account and put these in the postcard album.
Lukus P. Bugtussle
Felt donut complete!
Old School Mario Party.
My turn!
Got bumped while taking this picture.  I like it anyway.
Scary shot.  Just a yawn though.
My finished felt food. A donut, egg, and ravioli.


  1. That's some awesome felt ravioli!:D

  2. Hey, I like your new look too! did you just change it? or did I miss it b4?

    LOVE the felt food! I just gave some to the little girl I watch for her B-day... I bought it though ;-) Handmade is so much more special!

  3. I changed it last night after I saw your new look. I am trying to make my niece a lot of different felt food items to play with.