Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anniversary Beach Trip

Craig and I wanted to do something to celebrate our anniversary but we are trying to save some major cash for a big trip I will tell you about eventually (if it works out) so we didn't want to do anything major or expensive.  We had talked about going on a short delorme trip on some of the islands in the Puget sound.  Instead we decided to stay in a beach house owned by my best friend's parents.

We left Saturday morning fairly early.  I had the GPS loaded up with some geocaches so I was ready to go.

Our first cache of the day was, STOP!! Just where do you think you are going?.  This was a quick and easy cache to find.  Next, on to a quick virtual cache, Are You A Keen Observer?.  This was an interesting virtual.  Too bad I can't give out the interesting tidbit of info I had to email the owner.

Our next stop takes us to an open field called Mickey Dietrick Memorial Field.  It is a launch site for RC planes.  We were lucky enough to see a few while searching for the cache, Mickey's Field.  Craig took some pictures of the planes while I located the cache.
RC plane landing.
Another RC plane.
Walking towards the next cache, Room With A View, there were some great views.
This is an old gun battery site.  Cape Disappointment (formerly Fort Canby) was armed with cannons to protect the mouth of the Columbia river against enemy attack.
Overgrown trail to the cache.
Picture of us at ground zero.
Our view from the room.
Windblown tree.
B&W photo from cache site of the North Head Lighthouse.
There wasn't a cache at the lighthouse but we decided to go visit it anyway.
This is the South Jetty as seen from the top of the lighthouse.  We payed a few bucks to go to the top.  Also, the volunteer taking money was from the same town as me, West Allis, WI.
A full view of the lighthouse.

We stopped at another cache, Mom and Girl, which was a fairly quick park and grab.  Not the most exciting cache find but it wasn't bad.  Then we were on to the next cache of the day.  Our personal friend, Kyle98632, had taken a trip to Long Beach to hide a cache (World's Longest Beach Cache) so of course we had to find it.  
I really like this picture for some reason.  This is me looking at something wearing our geobag.  This was somewhere close to ground zero.
Me with the cache.

That was the last cache for the day.  We decided to head to the beach house and play some board games.  We had a good time listening to records, playing games, and doing homework.  Yes, I said homework.  Craig and I both had a lot of homework so we had to bring it with.  I had my first test of the quarter the following Monday.  You will all be happy to know that I got an 88% on it though!  Side note for anyone who is interested in board games.  Craig and I played a game called Khet (I won!).  Khet is a 2 player game similar to chess with lasers.  Very fun.  Check this out: http://www.khet.com/news.html.  Scroll down and there is a picture of some soldiers holding the game.  Craig is on the right!

The following morning we walked down to the beach and flew my kite.  Gotta love a two string stunt kite.
Craig making the kite go in circles.
Me flying the kite.

We found 2 more caches before we went home:

The weather was begin to get yucky and Craig doesn't like bad weather caching (I have gotten used to it) so we stopped at 2.  It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend with my wonderful husband.  6 years and still going strong!

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