Saturday, February 13, 2010

Febuary 12 of 12

This is my 2nd month doing the 12 of 12 project.  Enjoy!
Ran out of milk so had to use chocolate soy milk on my cereal.  Yummy.
Going to make Christmas placemats and napkins.
My mom's African Grey parrot, Groucho.
My mom helping me with my quilt.
Cutting up my Xmas fabric. (self timer used)
Had to make a quick stop at the bank.
This little guy hangs from my rear view mirror.  I got him from my secret santa at work.
Valentine's day card from a resident at work.  The heart candies were inside.
Sewing the binding onto the quilt.  Almost done!
Watched a movie with Craig.  I told him I was going to post a picture of him but he still made this face.
Can't reveal the entire quilt quite yet.  Soon though.

I had a rough time with the pictures today.  Hopefully next month it will be a better selection but this is my life as I saw it yesterday.


  1. I love your quilt pics! I'm working on one too, you're a couple steps ahead ;-) I can't wait to be done!

  2. I am just about done. I should be done by tonight or tomorrow. It has taken me several months since I have only done it while with my mom.