Thursday, February 11, 2010

200 DAYS!!!!

We made it!  Today marked our 200th day straight of finding a geocache.  Craig was able to make some time to go with me today.
Signing the log.

I learned a few things about myself as a cacher....
  • I am able to cache in all types of weather.  But I still don't like to cache in the rain.
  • I am definitely not a daily cacher.
  • I can accomplish any caching goal I want.
I have already been asked if we plan on continuing our streak.  My answer....Heck No!  I had fun but I am sick of caching every day.  I am sick of trying to fit it into my busy scheduling and stressing over the fact that I HAVE to find a cache.  I can go find the final to this cache one of these days.  Good thing it isn't a far drive.


  1. That's quite an accomplishment. Congratulations.

  2. I have heard of this challenge but I can't find it. What is the name or code?
    Congratulations on finishing.

  3. The code is GC1N50B. Check it out.

  4. Hooray that you finally got it done!!

    It seems like you've perhaps been enjoying caching LESS when you've HAD to do it???


  5. Annie-
    I would say so. I am glad to be a normal cacher again. I am definitely glad I don't HAVE to do it!