Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Centralia/Chehalis Cache Machine!

Wow, I didn't mean to take so long before writing this post but school comes before blogging.  Even though most the time I would rather blog than do schoolwork.  I went to my first cache machine Jan. 2nd with RatznKatz and Blue Crane.

In case you have never heard of a cache machine here is how it works.  Someone sets up a cache machine in a high density cache area.  They plan a route with scheduled cache finds along the way.  You go from cache to cache with a group of people.  It is pretty much a day about getting a large number of caches.  I think there were about 65 or more caches on the planned itinerary.  But there was a dinner event cache at a specific time so if you did not finish the cache run you were out of luck.

I have done a caching trip to the area with Craig several months ago and we found several of the caches on the list.  I found 26 that day and Blue Crane and RatznKatz found around 33-35, depending on prior finds.  It was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone.

Here are some pictures from our wonderful day.
Most of the group.
Very Large Stump.
Another view of the stump.
Cool old broken down and shot up truck.
Blurry picture but cool walk to this bridge to find the cache.
Another view of the bridge.
Cache at a park with baseball fields.
Clan MacLeod.
Blue Crane with a little gnome.
Interesting cacher with her interesting TB.
Last cache of the day (except for the event cache).  This is me and Blue Crane.
Event Dinner

It was a wonderful day and I wish I would have gotten more pictures.  I had so much fun and look forward to another cache machine in the future.  Cache on!


  1. lol I want to know more about the interesting cacher with her interesting TB.

  2. Erika- Well, we pulled up to a cache and saw her walking out of the woods with a head in her arm! It was so weird. She was an interesting character that is for sure.

  3. This sounds like a fun thing to participate in - a great way to do a numbers run. And ending with dinner is the best idea!!!

  4. The person who put this together sets one up every 3 months in different areas of the state. We cannot go to many of them but there is one at the coast in June that I want to go to.