Friday, January 15, 2010

My busy week.

Sorry to my few readers that I haven't been posting very much as of late.  This week I have been swamped!  I am trying to keep up in the blogging world but I just can't.

Here is my week.

Monday:  School, geocache, and work.
Tuesday:  Surgical Follow through at the hospital, geocache, hospital to research patient, eat, clinical day prep.
Wednesday:  Clincals, lunch with fellow students, geocache, homework
Thursday:  Class, lunch with husband, meeting at work, clinical observation at a preschool, geocache, dinner, homework/ watch a movie.

I shouldn't have even watched the movie but I am so sick of homework right now.  I am sick of reading textbooks.  I have a paper I need to write, a test I need to study for, and a workbook to work on.

I will get it all done but I still hate it.  At least it is a 3 day weekend!  No class Monday!!!!!


  1. At least you are getting geocaching in there. ;)

  2. I can't wait until I hit my 200 days in a row mark. I am SICK of caching every day!!!!

  3. Nooooooo :(
    You don't want caching to become something you are sick of. It's supposed to be fun and a break from all your other stuff. If it's not fun anymore, perhaps you should take a break?

  4. I am not sick of caching. Just caching everyday. I am almost done with my 200 streak and then I will get a break! Don't worry I don't hate it.