Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to school.... was my first day back in the nursing program.  I think that it went fairly well.  I was very nervous last night but it seemed to go smoothly.  The other students seemed really nice so I was happy about that.  They made me feel very welcome to the class.  I am not quite as nervous as I was yesterday.  But I probably won't be blogging as much now that I am back in school.  I am going to be a busy girl working part time and going to school full time.  Not to mention a daily geocache.

Speaking of geocaching, I have now cached for 162 days straight!!!!  I am almost to 200!  I can not wait to be done.  I went to a cache machine on Saturday and have plans for a blog about that coming up soon. (If I can find some free time!)

Hope all is stress free and wonderful in everyone else's lives.


  1. 162! Sweet deal!

    Good luck with school... I'm sure you'll do well!

  2. Today is my first time back in full time school since high school! Also nervous but I think I'll be fine. By the way, congrats on your caching!

  3. Good to hear that your first day went well! And so much better if you have lovely classmates - do they know each other from last year?


  4. Yeah, they all know each other. There are 6 of us new students and 3 of the 6 know each other.