Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm on a streak....

I just wanted to update everyone on my geocaching streak.  I am up to 146 days in a row!!!  It has been very difficult lately since I am running out of caches in the local area.  I also don't drive the 35 miles to school a few times a week which was giving me to find some non-local caches.  I am trying to get to 200 and then I am quitting!  I need a break.  There is a challenge cache that requires you to have 200 days before you grab the final.  I am looking forward to that grab.


  1. Unless I move to a city somewhere, a streak like this will never happen for me! I'd love to try one, but I would definitely be in another area.

  2. I was looking for info on WA challenge caches and came across your post. First, Congrats and keep going! It has got to be killer some days and I admire your tenacity! Second, I was wondering which challenge cache you are going to go after. Be careful out there in this weather and I'll check back soon.

  3. Awesome!! I could maybe do a 20 day caching streak around home, but that would be about it! is your new school in a different area?


  4. To Kryptic: If you look at my geocaching profile (Wheelers of Fortune) I have a bookmark with some challenge caches I am working on. Also if you look at my blog from October there is info on several challenges in WA and OR. The current cache I am working on is WA double century cache which you need 200 days in a row before you find the final.

    To Annie: My new school is in the same town as me. Which is good but makes it hard to find new caches and not run out of caches in the area!

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