Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas was tight this year money-wise so it was pretty stressful.  I thought it was one of my more favorite Christmas' though.  I spend quality time with Craig, friends, family and went geocaching.  I thought I would share some of my Christmas Eve with everyone.

Here is a picture of our "Christmas tree"!

I know, I know, we are so nerdy!  I know you were all thinking that when you see a Han Solo cardboard cutout in my living room.  And you are right.  Craig and I could not afford a Christmas tree so we had to make do with what we have.  I think he is a wonderful Christmas tree!

This is our fireplace lit up.  A stocking for me, Craig and our kitty, Luke.

Lindsey and Phil came over for lunch. Lins and I made enchiladas.  Yummy!  Vegetarian Chili and cheese for me.  Chicken and Cheese for everyone else.  I gave Lins her wine charms and I got a awesome scarf that she knit for me!  She loved her wine charms and I equally love the scarf she knit.  I unfortunately did not take any pictures while they were over.

I had to go to work from 4-8 so I was able to get home in time to enjoy the rest of my Christmas Eve.  Our friends, Amber and Josh stopped by to pick up their presents from us. Cookies, etc. and a Christmas ornament.  They gave us our gifts a few days prior.  I got an awesome beanie!  Love it.  Josh and Amber decided to go on a cache with us.  This was their first cache.  We have told them all about Geocaching but they have never gone with us.  But before we went caching we decided to go to the local lake and check out the lights.

One of the islands at the local lake.

Craig and I.

Hi Frosty!

After the lake we looked at some lights on the way to the geocache.  This time we just did a drive-by.

One of the houses.

The cache was another night cache.  This time there is no scary story but we had an excellent time.  Josh had the awesome idea to bring hot chocolate with us so that is what we did.

Amber, Josh, me, and Craig toasting at the cache site with our hot chocolate.  Best idea EVER!!!

The lighting is bad but I wanted to try to show you what they used for this night cache.  These are fire tacks that glow in light.  So you go from one tree to the next shining your flashlight to see the next tree.  This is the final tree and the cache is pretty much right there.  I had a great Xmas eve with friends and especially at this fun cache.  I hope everyone else had a great time also.


  1. I am crazy jealous of your tree!

  2. omg! I love your tree! You should keep it and make it a tradition! Trees are overrated anyway. The real ones make a mess and the fake ones are a B* to take down, put up and store!

    You fireplace picture is beautiful!

  3. I like all the photos of the lights. And night caches really rock. I enjoy them a ton, especially when done right.

  4. Wow - cool light photos! Go you guys on the creative Christmas tree too, and it looks like your Christmas Day caching was alot of fun. Hope your caching streak is going well!


  5. Katie! Your tree is the best! I want to steal it!