Sunday, October 24, 2010

Big News!

Well, I have not been blogging much the last month or so.  Mostly for lack of energy.  This is to be expected though with my current condition.

I am pregnant!  

The news was pretty unexpected.  I have been having some medical problems and we thought it would take us a long time to get pregnant.  Nope!  My family history of being fertile seems to be strong in me also.  We were able to get pregnant the first month we weren't using any protection!

I have not had many side effects yet.  I am usually queasy throughout the day and I need to make sure that I eat at regular intervals.  I have also been very exhausted.  It has been hard to do anything extra that doesn't HAVE to get done.  This includes blogging, crafting, and geocaching.  I have been wanting to stay on the couch a lot lately.  I could probably sleep 15 hours a day or more!  I have always liked to sleep but never this much.  I have also been having some mood swings or generally have "bitchy" moments really for no reason.  I would know I was being irrational but I would still get upset over stupid things.  That has been hard for both me and for Craig.

How I found out:
I have been taking medication to give myself a period.  I know gross.  Before I can take the medication though I have to take a pregnancy test.  I can not take the medicine if I am pregnant.  I could lose the baby if I did.  So it was getting to be time to take the pills.  I took a standard pregnancy test and the line was faint...I think I might be pregnant.  Of course I had to take another pregnancy test to make sure.  I was headed down to an appointment and do some errands in a nearby town.  I stopped and got another pregnancy test.  This time I picked out a digital test that will say pregnant or not pregnant.  Just so I could be 100% sure.  I went to my best friend's house and took the test.  After about 1 minute, there it was: Pregnant.

I walked out of the bathroom in shock.  Of course you could probably tell by the look on my face what the result was.  All I could croak out was, "I'm pregnant."  So my best friend and her husband were the first people to find out.  I called Craig and asked him to come over so I could talk to him since he was in town also.  He told me later he could hear the excitement in my voice.  He said, "I think I know what you are going to say."  He knew I was planning on taking a pregnancy test that morning.  "You are pregnant aren't you?", he asked.  Yep!

It has been a whirlwind since then.  I went to the doctor to have a blood test just to double check.  Yep, I am pregnant.  We have told our immediate family by this point.  I have also waited to tell the blog community and other friends until I have made past some of that scary time.

A lot has happened since I wrote the beginning of this post...we have been looking for midwives and we decided on one.  That was stressful and time consuming to find the right person/people since Craig and I are back in school.  Busy, busy, busy.  This is the practice we decided on: Partera Midwifery.  We are planning on having a home birth.  I know that is not common practice nowadays but I think it is the best way to give birth.

We have also had an ultrasound:

 Profile of Face.
 Front of Face.
 Head at top. Chest and abdomen with spinal column.
Profile of body.  Arm and hand alongside of face.

We have decided not to find out the gender of the baby.  We call it, Gizmoid, and no we do not plan on naming the child that!  I am feeling back to normal now.  I no longer have to eat like a crazy person.  I am able to eat like I was prior to becoming pregnant.  That is nice.  I will try to keep my blog world updated and let me know if you have any questions whatsoever.

Yay for baby Gizmoid!!!!


  1. Congrats again! Very excited for ya'll and I'm so glad it didn't take ya'll long to get your blessed surprise. I wouldn't wish that heartache on anyone. I can't wait to meet your little Gizmoid LOL

  2. Congratulations!!! Being a mama is the BEST :)