Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Cache in Town....

Yesterday morning (7/18) I came home from a party at a friends house.  I got on the computer like I normally do in the AM and checked my email and the such.  While on my facebook page I had a post from my friend CascadesClimber that went like this: "Katy!!!! Go get your cache!!!".  What is he talking about?

I proceed to check my email and there it is...a new cache has published.  Am I seeing things correctly?  The name of the cache is Wheelers of Fortune.  Wait a sec.  That is our caching name.  I check out the page and yell to my husband we have to go find this cache.  Check out the cache page:  Wheelers of Fortune

The cache was placed in our honor, by our friend, RatznKatz.  It was awesome to see this.  What was even cooler is that all of our other caching friends saved the FTF for us.  This says a lot since they all have phone notification (we do not!) so we almost never get a FTF unless we happen to be checking our email when it posts.

I love that we have made friends through geocaching.  It is amazing how great these people are.  Thanks RatznKatz.


  1. It's a good feeling isn't it to be honored by one of your fellow caches? It's happened twice for me and I've enjoyed finding both of them.

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